The Hidden Tallent From Miss USA 2010

Friday, April 8, 2011

Rima Fakih crowned Miss USA 2010 in Las Vegas

24-year-old Miss Michigan, Rima Fakih, an immigrant from Lebanon, was crowned Miss USA on Sunday, 16th May 2010. She is America's First Arab-American Miss USA.

Just two days after being crowned, it has emerged that she was in a naughty dance contest featuring a stripper pole 3 years ago in her home state of Michigan sponsored by a local radio show. And she won!

The head DJ of the radio show, DJ Mojo says:
“The strippers there taught the contestants how to do moves like ‘booty poppin’ and pole dancing. Rima told us at the time that she was a model — and her routine was awesome! She definitely deserved to win.
“We got phone calls from the Miss USA people and they’re pissed off! We asked if Rima’s going to be in trouble over these photos, and they would not comment on it. We would hope she won’t lose her title.”
But Donald Trump has already confirmed she'll be keeping her crown. He explains:
"Obviously she has great imagination but she's fully clothed and a high quality person. We back her to the hilt."
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