Summer book recommendations?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Can I ask you guys for a specific type of book recommendation? Our new baby is due in about a month (eeps!), and one thing I'm really looking forward to is rocking him or her while reading a good book. When Toby was a newborn, I remember having those little pockets of reading time, and it was so lovely. (Including a few times in the middle of the night; I'd click on the light, breastfeed him and read magazine articles from 4-5 in the morning:) But, since I'll most likely be sleep-deprived, I'm trying to find books that are light and easy to read but still well-written. Like smart beach reading.

If you're looking for the same thing, books that fall into this category that I've enjoyed in the past include: Blink, Heat, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Bossypants, Operating Instructions, Mindy's hilarious book and Ghost World.

Do you have any summer reading recommendations? I'd love to hear...Thank you!!!

(Photos of people reading on the subway by Ourit Ben-Haim for her brilliant blog, from last summer)


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