Gate Tower: Highway Through The Building - Japan

Thursday, September 24, 2009

''Gate Tower'' is one of the wonderful buildings in Osaka. The Place of crossing High way and High rise.In Osaka, Japan’s “second city” , space for offices is severely limited. So limited that the 16 story ‘Gate Tower Building’ had to lose the 5th, 6th and 7th floors to a high way.The elevator passes through the floors without stopping. The floors through which the highway passes consist primarily of elevators, stairways and similar things without stopping and also it has heliport on roof.

The company building deteriorated and owners decided to reconstruct in 1983 also it has been decided which a highway passes due to city at the same time. Negotiation between owners and Osaka highway public corporation was taken approximately 5 years and at the end it did by the fact that Highway passes through the building. 

Portion of road method, city planning method, urban renewal method and construction standard method was amended in 1989. The ''Gate tower'' is the first building which utilizes the three-dimensional road system in Japan.


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