Canada Border Crossing Men Successfully Using Notebook

Monday, January 9, 2012

A man from Canada who forgot to bring my passport says that he has successfully crossed the border into the U.S. using documents that have been scanned into the iPad it.
Martin Reisch, this shows the man from Montereal documents through the digital Apple is in the office of the U.S. border after he realized that he forgot to bring my passport. He told the border officials that he was heading to Vermont to give Christmas presents. Martin Reisch realize that border officials have made ​​an exception against him.

Martin Reisch

"He took the iPad and bring it to a border post within 5 to 6 minutes. It felt like an eternity. When he returned, he took a deep breath before you say Merry Christmas".
As quoted by the BBC, 33-year man said that what he told is true, As when his license to be able to help him cross the border to give a gift last week.
Martin Reisch managed to get back to Canada on the same day and he said that he will never forget his passport in time to come.
"I believe, in the future, 100% can cross the border with the digital and all it's just a matter of time, "he said.
Canadians can only enter the United States using a passport, driver's license that has been enhanced or Nexus Pass.
There has been no official comment from the border agencies of both countries on this matter.


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