Iphone 5 or Iphone 4s

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Apple officially says it will hold a special press conference at his office, Cupertino, California, United States, October 4. In the next few hours, chances are Apple will introduce a new iPhone, which has indeed been long awaited. A number of the call, Apple will launch the iPhone 5. However, there is also a mention of Apple iPhone will launch only the 4S, a new iPhone with a cheaper price than the iPhone 4. Some sites technology did much to divulge about what the iPhone or iPhone 4S five newest. As quoted from the pages of TechCrunch , here are some rumors that have circulated about the new iPhone.

1. 4S iPhone price will be more affordable? Arguments: Leaked obtained Gizmodo mentions, the iPhone prototype that shows a lot of plastic materials, rather than glass and aluminum. These findings obtained in Brazil. In addition, Apple is expected to anticipate competition with Android and Windows 7 Phone is selling smartphone with a much more affordable price. Conclusions: Leakage of plastic material is still not a reliable source. In addition, Apple also has 15 months did not launch the latest iPhone. Certainly a tough task for Apple to launch the product with a number of improvements, but with a more affordable price.

2. iPhone 5 will appear to look thinner? Arguments: A case of thinner iPhone revealed in a number of pages of technology, as long as Apple prepares new iPhone. The latest product is usually also much thinner than before. Apple also seems to want the new iPhone design is similar to the iPad. Conclusion: The denial of the argument it is hard to do. So far, Apple has never made ​​a product that is thicker or the same design as before.  

3. Wider screen? Arguments: iPhone screen is only 3.5 inch size is considered too small, especially when compared with the smartphone flagship Motorola, Samsung, and LG. In addition, a number of leaks also show case a more wide and long. As for the more important, research shows many are hoping a larger screen on the iPhone. Conclusion: Some applications may adjust the screen zoom in if the new iPhone. But, Apple can not deny that the smartphone is popular today has a screen size greater than 3.5 inch. If a thinner body, bigger screen certainly does not make the new iPhone look bigger.

4. Without LCD Edge? Arguments: Apple has been known to do a lot of innovation and mengimlementasikannya on the LCD. LCD without this edge will also make the 'touch' for the iPhone 5. Conclusion: Financially, this means the screen without the edges higher production costs. In addition, if no edge, there are fears the display can be easily damaged.

 5. Near Field Communication Chip? Arguments: NFC chip is expected to be the future of the chip. A number of smartphones based on Android will be using NFC chip, which will also be in accordance with the payment system Google Wallet. Conclusion: NFC technology still needs many adjustments and improvements. In addition, Apple certainly awaiting offers from a number of companies that apply the payment as payment methods that rely on Google Wallet NFC. Maybe there will be no NFC chip in the new iPhone.

6. A5 Dual-core processors? Arguments: Apple would need a faster CPU in the iPhone update. IOS 5 also will have many a number of advantages with faster CPU and using a dual-core processors. Conclusion: A more powerful CPU would spend a lot of batteries. In addition, Apple seems to still be using the A4, as rumors that the iPhone will be used in 4S.  

7. The new Home button? Arguments: A leaked showing the front view of the new iPhone, with a case that different to the Home button. Conclusion: Looks like Apple will continue to apply the design principle "Keep It Simple, Stupid", or simple designs. The new home button will also affect the apps. Looks like Apple will apply the old one.

8. 8MP camera? argument: So far, Apple has always add to the MP in the latest iPhone. A photograph also shows the 8MP images, with metadata from the iPhone 5. Conclusion: The amount of MP did not improve image quality. In addition, the camera sensor is also smaller if the MP enlarged. Of course it would be a consideration Apple.

9. Dual Mode GSM / CDMA? Arguments: new iPhone will use Qualcomm's Gobi Baseband, which can run on GSM and CDMA. Version Unlocked Apple is also expected to increase sales of the latest iPhone. Conclusion: It is difficult to expect this. Because it takes a lot of funds for research and development. In addition, dual-mode mobile radius still rare


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