Hollywood Look Alikes

Monday, February 21, 2011

Here are some of the celebrities from Hollywood that look alike. It seems that the celebrities from Hollywood are chosen from a visual pattern or rather made by one. If we take a look at the photos below we’ll find that many of them have their twin celebrity on the red carpet. If you want to be near Hollywood you have to look like one, already existing star or try to impersonate one in Las Vegas. It seems that the stylists are not helping them look apart.

1. Megan Fox Vs. Barbara Mori

In some people’s opinion Megan Fox is the most beautiful women on the Planet. But how can she be the most beautiful when there’s her look alike Barbara Mori who dashes and excites the world?

2. Keira Knightley Vs. Natalie Portman

Wow, I thought they were the same person.

3. Russell Crowe Vs. Benjamin McKenzie

They look so much alike; just take a look at their eyebrows. Who would figure?

4. America Ferrera Vs. Jordin Sparks

Ugly Betty and Jordin Sparks look so much like one another that people could think that they are the long separated twin sisters.

5. Katy Perry Vs. Zoey Deschanel

These two look almost the same, but in a strange Way Zoey is prettier.

6. Wilmer Valderamma Vs. Enrique Iglesias

These two hot Latino celebrities share that sensual appearance and it seems the same stylist.

7. Chad Smith Vs. Will Ferrell

Remove Chad’s freckles and they’re practically the same person. I find it to be extremely bizarre.

8. Jessica Alba Vs. Marlene Favela

It seems that the half of the world idealize Jessica Alba and the other half Marlene Favela because they don’t realize that it’s not the same person.

9. Lauren Conrad Vs. Carmen Electra

One of the leading stars from the reality show the Hills has found her match in Hollywood. It’s no less than Carmen Electra. If you meet one of these two girls in the street you won’t be sure at which of these two celebs you are looking at.

10. Eva Longoria Vs. Marsha Thomason

If Marsha got a nose job it would be impossible to tell these two apart.


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