10 Advanced Mobile World

Monday, February 21, 2011

1.nokia 888 communicator
phones with futuristic concept that uses liquid batteries (liquid).

2. Nokia Aeon

2. Nokia Aeon

3.Sky "Sleak & Slim"
mobile phone which is produced by SKY have a glowing touchpad and "hidden-key"

3.Sky "Sleak & Slim"
handphone yg diproduksi oleh SKY memiliki touchpad yang bersinar dan "hidden-key"

4.Benq-Siemens "Snaked"
model "Reptile"which are specifically Designed for women with the WHO exercise hobby That technology is easy to follow manusia.namun body shape is Almost the Same as above

5.What u see is what u get concept
This concept no longer uses the LCD as a digital camera, but uses a transparent frame as the camera.


7.Benq-Siemens "The Black Box"

8. nec tag
have a concept similar to "the snaked"

9.triple watch

10.Asus Aura


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