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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ladies, please introduce yourself, name, age, which region/ venues you cover...
Hi my name is Susan, I am 53 years old and work alongside my daughter Vicki who is aged 30, we cover all Dundee, Perth and Fife.
What is your background?
I (Susan) have worked in the leisure industry for 12 years and have since taken a change in direction and become a bridal consultant, Vicki has worked in Fashion all her life and has an eye for detail.

Why did you take a franchise with Simply Bows?
We saw an inspirational article in the Tesco magazine on Simply Bows and Chair Covers and as I was already in the bridal industry and found it very rewarding I decided to take it a step further…

Why do you love working for yourself?
Lifestyle, flexibility and the opportunity to earn what your worth.

If you could dress a celebrity wedding - whose would you choose and why?
We would choose Katy Perry as her personality is very wild and funky and feel this would be a look we could deliver with no restrictions.

 How would your friends describe you in three words?
Susan- Confident, Outgoing, Passionate
Vicki- Friendly, Fun, Creative

Are you married? 
Vicki is actually planning her own wedding at the moment! She is having white chair covers with black satin bows and heart broaches. Her table linen is white with red runners.

Why choose Simply Bows over another linen provider
Simply Bows and Chair Covers is a very professional, good quality brand which provides excellent service who pay great attention to detail.

How can Simply Bows blog readers get in touch with you?
Twitter: @SimplyBDundee
Facebook: @SuzySbows


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