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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What is your company name?

What is your line of business?

Professional Photographer and Journalist

How and why the company begin?

I have been a professional now for over 37 years and as well as taking photographs for a living, I write features monthly for wedding, photographic and regional magazines. I have also taught imaging for much of that time. I was the National Director of a dedicated course for Home Office staff to teach video and photographic skills, which ran concurrently with all my other work. I gained the Investors in People accreditation for the work and was integral in devising new photographic techniques. 

Now I put all my energies into photographing and writing professionally in the lakes and teaching the subject on my workshops. This area is its own dramatic natural theatre. The terrain and light combine to produce photographic opportunities that are endless. It provides a breathtaking backdrop for Landscape Weddings when delivered properly. I hope that my wealth of experience and enthusiasm will be of great benefit to you.

Are you married?

Irene and I have been married for over 37 years. Childhood sweetheart’s who have grown together. She is my rock!  It was a superb day in early April. The sun shone, the wind blew and we had a honeymoon in a caravan in Wales. It was bliss. Each time I see the bright yellow gorse glistening in the sun it takes me back to that week. We had a great time and it has continued.

Why do brides come to you?

I am honoured to say that I am regularly cited by editors as one of the world’s best Landscape Photographers and they want their wedding to be special. A landscape wedding that reflects the real grandeur of the fells. Many have special memories of the lakes. Maybe a holiday, childhood memories or a proposal a top one of the Wainwright’s? I also specialise in ‘fly on the wall’, reportage images and the two combined make for a delightful package. I don’t ever get in the way and my many clients over the years will testify to that. It’s a special day, their day, not mine and that’s how it should always be.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I have been coming here and living here for over 40 years now. What’s not to inspire???!!!

What is in store for you in 2013?

As well as weddings, I write monthly for most of the National Industry Magazines, run landscape Photography Courses (always a popular gift for the best man by the way!) and deliver commercial photography too. I am currently photographing a major hotel chains 43 premises and five holiday resorts. Oh yes and I take pictures for my gallery which is in the Wasdale Head Inn. The most iconic Landscape venue in the UK as it’s the place where British mountaineering began. I was very honoured to be invited in there.

Who would be your dream client, and what sort of design would you envisage for them?

I don’t wish to sound corny but I just love being a part of a couple’s special day

What would be your top tips for brides when searching for a supplier in your industry?

Remember that apart from a diamond only one other thing on your day will literally last forever...
The pictures.

They are like Amber and will always be there. Virtually everything else is a ‘24 hour purchase.’ Too many couples are sadly looking at cutting corners. It’s a budget conscious time that I completely and fully understand but they are scrimping on the photographer and unfortunately ‘Uncle Joe’ or a ‘well meaning friend’ might well take the odd few good pictures when everyone comes out of the church. A good pro will deliver 5-600 good images. 

The advent of digital gives many a false sense of security and they think ‘well if it doesn’t look good I’ll snap another one’. Wrong!! The moment has passed and you won't get it back. I see it time and time again and weddings guests will often approach me and say ‘our photographer was a friend. Regret that now. Not only did the pictures not reflect the day but he didn’t enjoy it either.’ Or, ‘our pictures were delivered within a few days and they were awful.’

The phrase ‘if it seems too good to be true. It probably is’ comes to mind.
A real pro will take around seven working days of their time to have prepared, undertaken and delivered your work for you. With them you will be paying for a full service. I had to politely correct someone last year who said ‘Not bad your job is it? All that money for just an afternoon’s work....’

There are some excellent photographers out there and you should fully research them. Fully and by that I don’t mean paper sift on cost. You’ll regret it.
Also, ask to see many and I many images from lots of their work. It’s easy to ‘cobble’ a website together. Ask to see a package, a complete package they have shot and delivered. If they can’t, then beware. Some show pictures that look beautifully styled and grand. They are because they are invariably ‘model shots’ that take hours to prepare and shoot. Ask to view real images taken on a day.

Another tip... Don’t be afraid to grill and ask probing questions either. Are they the photographer or an Agent? That’s a common one now as agencies ‘pretend’ to be the snapper but a student or an agency photographer is ‘yours for the day!!’

Where are you based and where can you supply?

I have two bases. One in Cumbria and one in Cheshire. I literally cover the whole of the North of England and shoot work abroad regularly.

How can I get in touch to discuss my requirements or place an order? or Twitter @wastwater1 or 07946316769

Why do you like to work with Simply Bows and Chair Covers?

I associate myself with quality. Simples!


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