ant mimicry

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Interestingly enough, there are hundreds of species of spiders - most of is profits - jumping spiders - which is very similar to ants. Yes, it's a spider in the picture above.
Some arachnids use this disguise to hunt for insects that are not afraid of ants, or to protect themselves from predators predatory spiders. Others, of course, the ants may prey on itself, like a wolf in sheep's clothing. (This can not be done spiderman)

King of Camouflage

Some species can make a silk-like webs, and prey-prey time can be saved by dressing like a mummy for a long time, the color of the net-like color they create another camouflage for spiders .. It is useful to confuse predators such as dragonflies fly, robber flies or small birds that may try to dive for the delicious spider prey from the nest. 


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