Judgement Comes, There Safest Place in France

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The followers of a cult in Western countries believe the apocalypse will come on December 21, 2012. This is the end of the Mayan calendar Indians.
Therefore, they began looking for a place that believed not to participate was destroyed during the End Times came. According to the monitoring agency of the Government of the French cult, Miviludes, those who believe the apocalypse to come next year as Bugarach believe the safest place.
Bugarach is a hamlet near an area of ​​26 square kilometers Cobieres Mountains in southern France. The population is only 200 people. The village is located at an altitude of 340 meters to 1231 meters above sea level. Over the last few months, this village is swamped with newcomers who want to survive the turmoil of Resurrection.
President Miviludes, Georges Fenech, do not be too afraid to ask people on the teachings of the Last Day will arrive on December 21, 2012. "However, if you look at what happened in Waco, United States, we know this kind of thinking can affect those fragile," he said. The French government is worried will happen there mass suicide when the day believed it arrives.
Waco made headlines in various media in 1993 when dozens of followers of David Koresh burn themselves together for refusing to get out of their headquarters. As many as 80 people were killed in the incident. Koresh claimed to be end-time prophet who could guarantee his followers go to heaven.
Fenech said that now there are six settlements Ramtah followers of heresy that led American woman named JZ Knight. The groups were also held a one-way service paid in local hotels. "This is a big business," he said.
Mayor Jean-Pierre Delord Bugarach claimed to have asked serious attention from the central government because this is not a trivial problem. "Many come and pray on the mountain. I even once saw a guy doing a ritual was naked, "he said.
Tales circulating among the followers of a cult among others Bugarach become alien base and has an underground path to another world.


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