Why Men Love Women's Breasts!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

 Breast is one of the beauties of the female body. Even the 'size' pair of breasts is owned by a woman alone can be different.
Reported by the Daily Mail, according to the study, when meeting women, 47% of men directing her in the breast. The study was conducted by the University of Wellington, New Zealand.
In the study, respondents were asked to look at men the same six images of women. At that time, the researchers recorded where his eyes fixed for the first time, how many times they look and look how long it lasts.
The result?
"80% of respondents direct eye fixed on her breasts and midsection. Men consistently seen in the breast than other body parts, "said one researcher.
So what makes men so attracted to breasts?
Here are answers to some men as reported by iVillage:
Some men think breasts are soothing body parts. This is related to the functions of the body, for feeding. Breast reminded them of the function and the warmth of the mother when she was giving the baby milk.
Fertility Symbol
He assumes the breast is a symbol of fertility, nurturing and survival of a living being. Women who have breast is considered to have the ability to produce offspring.
The key to Creating Passionate Women
Men must understand that women will be excited when her breasts touched. Therefore, men like on the body, whatever its size. By simply touching the breasts, men believe they can make a woman's libido increases.
Men Being Visual
Unlike women who can be aroused only by reading erotic novels, men need visual stimulation if you want to increase libido. Payudaralah which is considered to be stimulation. Rather than the body that can make men horny, breasts are considered the most beautiful parts of the body.
Considered Breast Taboo
Shows part of the body, especially the intimate parts such as breasts, are considered taboo for some circles. Therefore, the male is more curious. The more closed, men will increasingly find out. [Mor]


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