Predicted future hotel will offer Virtual Sex

Monday, June 20, 2011

Predicted future hotel will offer interactive technology to offer guests an experience of virtual sex.

Sponsored by Travelodge, futurologist Ian Pearson said that, by 2030, we will be able to regulate the content of our dreams, dreams repeat afavorite like choosing a movie from the menu. Even be possible to share your dreams with your spouse or friends.

Pearson also think that making love virtual remote will probably occur in 2030, which allows individuals to connect, while their spouses are away from home.

But for those who really can not get into the mood without a little push, it will be possible to use active lens to change the images sent to their retinas, and customize how they look during sex couples.

"This will allow people to change the image of their partner on a regular basis - and only they will realize, as lovers they will not be able to say what they see," said Pearson.

Not only that, by 2030 it will be possible to diagnose some medical conditions by monitoring the sleep patterns. Sleepwear electro-responsive cloth will display that allows the measurement of skin conductivity pulse, blood pressure and heart signal quality.

"On average we spend a third of our lives sleeping and this will still happen in 2030," said Pearson.

"Technology will not change our basic needs for sleep, but it certainly will enhance the experience, allowing sleep to have a value far greater than just rest and recuperation," he said.


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