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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Download mp3 OST 49 Days - To Complete Korean Drama About Posting is currently aired on Indosiar the gossip blogs will provide LOCATION INFO DOWNLOAD MP3: D but this is not the mp3 files are

OST 49 Days

OST 49 Days

Drama "49 Days" tells about a woman from a wealthy family Sin Ji-hyeon (played Nam Gyu-ri) is about to be married to his fiancee (Bae So-bin), but a car accident made ​​him comatose and menghantarnya to the gate of death. His spirit had left his body met with the "angel" Yi Song-soo (Jung Il-woo) is in charge of collecting the spirit of the dead. By Yi Song-soo, he was assisted back to the real kehdupan by borrowing someone's body, Song Yi-kyeong (Lee Yo-won).

In order to stay alive, he must menda pat genuine tears of 3 people who love him (except the parents) within 49 days. (In Buddhism, it is believed that the spirit of someone who has died is in a transitional period of 49 days, in which his karma for life will determine how the spirit may be reincarnated in the next life.).

How Sin Ji Hyeon 49 day use it? Can he get tears three people who genuinely love him?

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Download MP3 OST 49 Days
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