Last time when the Ice Age?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ice Age has been repeatedly hit the Earth within the next fewmillion years. This raises the question of when the last Ice Age?
As quoted from HowItWorksDaily, Ice Age that hit Earth a fewtimes also has several so-called glacial periods, each hundredsof thousands of years, with a warm period known as the 'interglacial'.
The last Ice Age, when referring to several glacial episodes, thelast global ice age cold starts approximately 100 thousand yearsago and ended approximately 11,700 years ago.

The last Ice Age was the most chill of the British hit, whichoccurred approximately 25 thousand to 20 thousand years ago.

So when the next Ice Age? Since the Ice Age before it can last up to 11,700 years old.

According to geophysicists, perhaps the 'interglacial' The next willoccur approximately thousands of years longer, after the next ice age begins.

Even so, the scientists also say that human existence can affecteverything, because the climate system is very complex and difficult to predict.


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