9 Interesting Facts in China

Friday, December 30, 2011

1. Chinese man sentenced to death three times more than any other country in the world.

capital punishment
There are three times as many people were executed in China than in other countries put together, so at least the most recent estimates by the Amnesty International. The agency confirmed in 2008 as many as 1718 executions of news reports and public records, but many more are not reported. Some analysts say the figure may be over 6,000. The actual number of state secret.

Execution is carried out on the streets a lot in the van, dubbed the death van designed by Jinguan Motors. They declare the execution of the van and shot more civilized than being shot dead, after all, the condemned to die more quickly, more clinically and safer. According to them the replacement of punishment by lethal injection firing indicates China is now "promote" human rights.

2. More than 4,000 babies in China were given the name "Olympic Games" (Olympic Games) when the country was preparing to hold the Beijing 2008.
beijing olympics
More than just a pride for China, the Beijing Olympics become such an important part of the national consciousness to more than 4,000 babies were named after that great event. Most of the 4104 children named "Aoyun," meaning Olympics, were born around 2000 when Beijing is trying to be accepted to host the sporting event was the summer of 2008. Most children who are named Aoyun are male.

3. Every year in China spends 45 billion chopsticks.
In China, every year, an estimated 45 billion pairs of chopsticks are used and discarded afterwards. It's the same with 1.7 million m3 of timber or 500 thousand trees annually.

4. 200 million Chinese live on less than $ 1 a day.
the poor
Which belong to the poor in China are citizens whose income is below $ 1.25 per day. In 1981 the average rate of the poor is 64% of the total population of China. This figure dropped to 10% in 2004, means the time span from 1981 to 2004 there were 500 million people who managed to get out of poverty.

5. More than 700 million Chinese drink contaminated water.
polluted water
China contributed to 20% of the world's population, but only 7% of world water resources. Unfortunately again, according to the World Bank, 90% groundwater and 75% of urban rivers and lakes are polluted. This means that 700 million Chinese drink contaminated water every day.

6. Ice cream and pasta probably first invented in China.
ice cream and pasta
Around the year 200 BC in China has created a kind of frozen mixture of milk and rice ice cream so the embryo. Also in an archaeological excavation site in western China, found 4,000-year-old bowl of noodles, which mungungkapkan China might first create a pasta than Italian.

7. More than 50% of counterfeit goods in European society came from China.
pirated goods
As many as 54% of goods that violate copyright circulating in Europe was the main supplier is China. CD / DVD is the first ranking of the counterfeit goods as much as 79 million copies, meaning 44% of the total number of counterfeit goods, followed by cigarettes (23%) and clothing and knick-knacks.

8. China is still not free from the plague of medieval Europe.
outbreaks of disease
In 2009 China put an end to quarantine a city in the northwest who attacked plague pneumonia (pneumonia). Explosion of a highly contagious disease that killed three villagers around Ziketan town in the province of Qing-Hai. Outbreaks of the disease are sporadic outbreaks in China, especially spread by rodents and fleas, as well as easily transmitted between humans.

9. By 2025 China will have to build 10 cities the size of metropolitan New York.
metropolitan city
Scale and measures of urbanization China will continue at a pace that is unprecedented. If such trends persist now, China's urban population will swell from 572 million in 2005 to 926 million in 2025 and will reach the 1 billion in 2030. So within 20 years China's urban population will increase by 350 million more than the entire U.S. population today.

By 2025 China will have 219 cities over 1 million inhabitants. Also to be built 40 billion m3 of floor space in 5 million buildings. 50,000 of the building is a skyscraper - the same as the 10 cities of New York.


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