AKB48 celebrate the sixth anniversary of the AKB48 theater

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On December 8, AKB48 hold their show at the theater in Akihabara in order to commemorate their birthday the 6th.

The members of the first generation (later known as Team A) begins on the same stage with AKB48 on December 8, 2005. With 6 years passed, Team A, Team C, Team B, Team 4, and all standing and performance on stage amounted to about 70 people. Performance is also the debut of generation 13, which surprised the fans in the theater.

Yuko Oshima, second-generation members (later known as Team K) which debuted in April 2006, stating, "I can see our 10th birthday that feels so far away. I never imagined I'd feel this ... Again, I want to be prepared and work hard to build IMR !!!!!! We still have more to go ~ ".

3rd generation (later known as Team B) Kashiwagi Yuki commented, "Beginning with the fans, I will never forget my gratitude to you all for supporting the IMR! I hope we can quickly run into our 7th anniversary.


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