Babymoon trip this weekend!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Have you ever been to St. Lucia? Alex and I are heading there this weekend for our babymoon trip! Eeeeeks!!! We're crazy excited and cannot wait to spend a couple days relaxing and doing nothing. The trip will be so romantic and a real shot-in-the-arm after this long winter. I'll be rocking my suddenly enormous six-month belly.

While planning our trip, we almost booked a room at La Haut B&B, which looks lovely, but since we're only going for three nights—and this will be our last romantic getaway for ages—we decided to splurge and stay right on the beach, at Sugar Beach. Our friends stayed there a couple years ago and recommended it highly. (And the photos speak for themselves. Holy smokes!)

Meanwhile, Toby and my mom will be having a fun staycation in NYC. It's always hard to leave Toby, but now that we've taken a couple grown-up trips, I've realized that the worst part by far is the cab ride to the airport. I'm always on the verge of tears, asking Alex, how can we leave our baby??!!! Alex has to talk me off the ledge for the entire drive, but by the time we've checked in and are sitting on the plane with a magazine, the worry has lessened and the excitement of the trip has kicked in. I’ve been continually surprised by how refreshing and revitalizing adult trips are. It's REALLY nice to connect with your partner without a toddler tugging on your arm and asking for more strawberries.

Also, sleeping in.

While we're away, whenever Toby asks for us, my mom always tells him that Mommy and Daddy are on an airplane and are going to bring home a lollipop, and then they launch into deep and lengthy conversations about which color lollipop we might bring. We're so grateful to my mom for helping us take these little getaways now and again.

Have you taken a trip without your child? Where did you go? And have you ever been to St. Lucia?! Any insider tips? I cannot wait:)

(Photos by Sugar Beach and Ashley)


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