Myths and Facts of Life in The United States

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

many Americans have the attitude of individuals and capitalistic. General sense of the word captured individualistic is that persons belonging to this class have a selfish nature, do not like mutual help or mutual assistance and non-familial. It says if someone just put capitalistic profits in relation to others. Because of this selfish nature, they tend to be opportunistic and forget the human side.


It is undeniable that to some extent, a myth about individualistic and capitalistic is true. Things like this are not only found in the U.S., but also easily found in the environment where we just hang out and live.

To see more clearly about the facts relating to the myth of the individualistic and capitalistic life, let us look closely at the lives of everyday life of society in the United States from the side below.

First, the individualistic, often associated with the selfish nature of individual Americans, not like mutual help or mutual help, ignorance (no matter) and had no kekeluargaankan nature. In everyday life, including the behavior of Americans in public places in the U.S. found that no written agreement and not recognized by their own. Approval of this behavior shows the opposite of selfishness. Many behaviors that occur in public places reflect the nature of mutual help, mutual help and instead are familial. Examples are as follows.

In terms of traffic going well with vehicles or pedestrians. At each intersection with no traffic lights, by itself the motorist will stop and wait their turn. Hard to find people who play menyelonong. If stuck, no shrill horn a memekakan sang ear. Almost nothing is forced to use the shoulder of the road. If there are pedestrians, car drivers almost always give in to them.

As a pedestrian, has become their habit to walk on the right road. Likewise, when using a common staircase and escalator, such as stairs in shopping malls. If someone is using the escalator and not running, then that person will stand at the edge of the right hand escalator to give way to other people behind their past through the left side.

Another example is to go out the door. In general, Americans will allow people to come out first, then he entered. If behind or in front of it is found there are others who want out, then the user first door will normally hold the door for the person enter or exit. People who enter and exit automatically say, "Thank you."

Another thing that is often found in areas tourism is an offer from the Americans to release the shutter a partner who is on vacation. Do not kwatir, they will not take away our cameras.

In the city I live, there are formal organizations that assist and provide information for the neighbors who just moved into our town, namely New comers Club. There are also Moms Club and also did not miss a voluntary organization to maintain the security, called Neighborhood Watch and the STAR program. STAR program is voluntary work especially for retirees who helped Sjariff to maintain environmental security. I myself teach Tae Kwon Do at no charge every Saturday morning at the park.

Still an example in the city I live, many of us here who hold Parti blocks, namely gathering meals regularly and alternately between the neighbors. Fellow neighbors, we are the only Asian, the other is a Caucasian, exchanging phone numbers and promised to to tell if there is something wrong and need help.

Second, the capitalist myth that is always associated with the owners of capital whose activities are only looking for profit only, without considering the human side, it was not all true. Almost in every medium and large companies in America must have a social program. Examples can I take from the company where I worked, that is Nordstrom and Wellsfargo. At Nordstrom, each year the company is always advocated for charity and the company's own employees and to match how much the employees love. Several years ago I never ditunnjuk become spokes person for this activity. Here I am partnering with companies and United Way to raise money to help non-profit organization under the United Way.

Likewise, when I worked in Wellsfargo. As an employee and company contributions, either annual or monthly to local nonprofit organizations.

Keep in mind also that the proportion of tax is withdrawn by the government of the employees and pungusaha also made funds allowances for the unemployed and people can not afford.

Still remember the contributions of the legendary Warren Buffett? He contributed U.S. $ 30,000,000,000 in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and U.S. $ 6,000,000 in four Buffett Foundation. Likewise with other large employers, such as Bill Gates. They donate large sums of money in the nonprofit oranization a humanitarian mission. Their contribution can be read in The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

It is not wise if I just swallow what is being taught by teachers of my elementary and junior high school. Nor is it a wise action for criticizing the other and raise our own. But continue to look for and develop the advantages possessed by our nation itself.


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