Presidential Candidates Must Play Games

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Indonesia's current President SBY is actually very good father of his actions as a president in Indonesia that have been very concerned at this time. But if we want SBY to make Indonesia a developed country is as prosperous extremely difficult or fatherly done. How not, the state already owes a very melimapah aka unsparing much debt this country, while Indonesia has only a few resources available to be able to pay this debt. not to mention corruption corruption of this government mice that make Indonesia more plunged and plunged into the abyss of poverty.
So Aap good solution for this nation? / Leaders such as whether we can rely on to make this country rise up again and go compete in the globalization process?
The answer is a leader who can play the game .. I mean the government? Yes, this nation's future leaders should be matched to play the game of government is a game that was made in which we as a government leader or a region and we are tasked to promote and prosper the area.

as an example game caesar. This game asks pemainya to create an area that was originally empty into a crowded area with the specified target

Now we can adjust the current Indonesian situation with debt, conditions, and we are still a lot of people are illiterate. Other games similar to this was the pharaoh

and many similar games to this game for example as suggested by someone that hobby gamers really .. Political Democracy Game Yaiut the trial version can be downloaded here Or Game SimCity ..
So before the presidential candidates are later entered the elections should be held games games like this. Because with this game we can see their level of intelligence in the lead a country .. tell you what, if in a game only they can not make their people prosperous .. especially that in the real world where people are more difficult to diatur.bener ga?
So could tips - tips like these can we use to determine who the future leaders of our future. so we ga so difficult to choose our leaders, because of its criteria can be directly known by their victory in the world of gamers.
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