Idol Focus: Miss Popularity vs. Miss Congeniality

Monday, May 23, 2011

In the event you’ve a well known girl group, there’s commonly going to be girl who gets proportionally extra attention than the other persons in the group, but does that mean she’s also well known inside of the group?

Take a look at the break down of some of these female idol groups with their respective Miss Popularity and Miss Congeniality .

You will discover numerous factors why any girl will get most of the spotlight in a girl group as Miss Popularity, be it her fairly face, her ample appearances on variety shows, her acting activities, commercial activities, or even her talent. In the end, that doesn’t generally mean that she’s one of the most well known amongst group members (Miss Congeniality).

How do some of you favorite idol groups break down these roles?


Regarded as 2NE1 ‘s beauty Sandara Park gains most of the popularity amongst fans. Having a lot of commercial and some drama appearances, Dara’s face is well-known amongst the public. But, inside the hip pop group, it is the group’s unni Park Bom who’s most well known inside the group members. As the oldest, Park Bom is said to be extremely caring of her dongsaengs and all-around kind-hearted to everyone. Not just that, but Park Bom’s hard-work attitude and “veteran” voice helps guide the other members.


4Minute ‘s Hyuna shares both the Miss Popularity and also the Miss Congeniality titles. As she initial debuted with the Wondergirls , Hyuna already had a bit of recognition in the pop sphere, but she gained even extra throughout her solo activities with the single “ Alter .” Hyuna was recognized for becoming friendly amongst trainees and her hard-working attitude helps her to get along well with the other members.

Following School

At Following School ‘s debut, their association with Son Dambi frankly produced it tough for any single member to stand out (as Son Dambi stood out in front of all of the members), but in the end UEE got her major break having a certain soju commercial for Cheo-eum Cheo-reom Cool featuring the long-legged member performing a “Cool Shot” dance in booty shorts, giving her the nickname “Honey Thighs.” (This commercial was played relentlessly in Seoul subways.) Following that, UEE became the lead rival in the idol drama “ You are Attractive ,” gaining her extra recognition. Even although UEE is recognized for becoming friendly with other idol stars and close to members Nana and Lizzy , it is leader Kahi , who holds the Miss Congeniality title, as she calmly and gracefully leads the other members.


These days, with the popularity of the Khun-toria couple on “ We Got Married ,” flexible Victoria is regarded as to hold one of the most popularity ahead of the other f(x) girls. Although Sulli was gaining recognition for becoming an ulzzang and appearing in a commercial or two, for now, Victoria is f(x)’s most recognizable member, especially with her high kicking. But not so rapidly, one of the most well known between the group members is in reality Sulli, who has an out-going and cheerful personality, it has been said that Sulli is equally close to all members.

Brown Eyed Girls

In this case, two girls share both titles. Brown Eyed Girls members Ga-in and Narsha are equally well known — Ga-in with “ We Got Married ” and Narsha’s countless variety show appearances , both had been able to hold their own with near-simultaneous solo activities . Although it can be recognized that all of the Brown Eyed Girl members are extremely close, Ga-in’s sweet personality and Narsha’s enjoyable and straight-forward personality also make them key players for the teamwork inside the group.


Even although Nicole and Park Gyuri both have a lot of popularity on variety shows, in the end, for this girl group it comes down to the face. Gu Hara shares most of the popularity due to the reality of her innocent face and doll-like ( skinny ) body line. The Kara singer has her share of well-known admirers , and she also might be co-starring in the upcoming drama “ City Hunter ” with Lee Min-ho . However, having a sweet personality and also the leader position, it is the type Han Seung-yeon who’s most well known inside of the group.


Rainbow, full of fairly girls, has unique “pretty girl” leader Kim Jae-kyung holds most of the public popularity. Lead vocalist and lead dancer, Jae-kyung also appeared in SS501 ‘s music video for “ Adore Like This .” One of the most well known member inside the group belongs to their lovely mangnae , Jo Hyun-young , who wins over all her unnis .


Secret ‘s most well known member is none other than Han Sun-hwa , a a variety of “pretty girl” taking the Miss Popularity title. Han Sun-hwa was regarded as so fairly and so spunky that she was picked up for the variety show “ Invincible Youth “ even prior to the debut of Secret. Han Sun-hwa is recognized for appearing on variety shows and having a bit of a “stupid girl” persona, not understanding facts like what “FTA” stands for, but most persons think it can be just an act. However, the Miss Congeniality of Secret is Jun Hyo-sung , who’s both dependable and hard-working.

Girls Generation

Most likely not surprising to POPSEOUL readers, Yoona is Girls Generation ‘s well known girl to the public, appearing as a typical on the variety show “ Family Members members 2 “ and a variety of commercials. Fans say her appeal is in her pure look and bright smile. However, the member well known amongst members is leader Taeyeon who members decided several times is extremely good for her to have that title. Taeyeon’s talent is believed to be rather high amongst the other girls and she carries a extremely good number of their songs.



In Sistar , key rapper and dancer Bora garners a extremely good deal of attention with her rapping solos and center position. Numerous fans liked her fresh smile and personality that delivers though performing. Coincidentally, she is also well known amongst the group members, giving Bora the two-for Miss Popularity and Miss Congeniality.

Miss A

A a variety of girl who gets the double crown is Miss A ‘s Suzy . Throughout “ Poor Girl, Extremely good Girl ” promotions, though as a entire, the group gave off a cool, sexy vibe, Suzy had an innately cute and innocent look producing her stand out as Miss’s “pretty girl.” Also, she gained extra popularity with her role in the well known drama “ Dream High .” Consequently, this mangnae is also well-loved by her fellow idol members for her type demeanor and capability to perform well at such a young age.


For the T-ara girls, the popularity star is Ji-yeon , who initial gained recognition for her resemblance to Kim Tae-hee . She was also chosen from the T-ara girls to join up with Seeya and Davichi for the singles “ Woman’s Generation ,” “ Forever Adore ,” and “ Wonder Woman .” She also appeared in the school drama with Yoo Seung-ho in “ God of Study ” and sang songs for its OST. However, the popularity inside the group goes to most likely the second (or third) most publicly well known member, the lead vocalist Eun-jung , who appeared in “ Dream High ” and “ Coffee Home ” dramas (although numerous say her acting isn’t as extremely good as Ji-yeon’s). Eun-jung also treats all her members well and has extremely good singing capability important to the group.


The Wondergirls most well known member is none other than So-hee . Even amongst her own members, So-hee’s style and look has a a variety of feel to it. She gained a extremely good deal of attention for her additional cute “omona” in the music video and dance for the single “ Tell Me .” She also dipped into acting with the film “ Some Like It Hot ” with Kim Bum and also appeared in 8eight ‘s well known initial music video “ With out a Heart .” The sweet and cute So-hee is also well known inside the girl group. Although she looks extremely young and innocent, So-hee is truly dedicated to enhancing her acting and performing.

In some cases the public and also the group do not agree in the popularity contest, but in some cases the public will show the exact same type of respect as the actual group members. In the end, public popularity spells out to be appearances in commercials, variety shows, and dramas — domains outside of just the groups fans. However, inside the group, members tend to respect dedication to the group, which doesn’t generally line up with solo activities, including acting.

However, the Miss Popularity side can alter (even although it is slowly) over time, the Miss Congeniality tends to rest on the exact same individual throughout the life of the girl group.

Which do you tend to side with, the public opinion or the group opinion, when you are deciding on your favorite member?

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