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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Popular, controversial, diverse, relevant … Our seven major 2010 analysis.

In the closing stages of a memorable 2010 for games in PCGameTrek we venture into our second epic to collect the 7 major reviews that have left us these 365 full days of release. Wildly disparate analysis that deserve a place in any anthology of emergency / annual compilation, either because both are wonderful titles such as Super Mario for PC or critical witness to be disappointing games like Assassin’s Creed 3 pc game.
Last year we presented a new section in our final regular reports of the year, an article which claimed to have a clear idea of what the 2009 season had offered in the world of PC games based on the most important reviews titles that had marked the industry today: The Year Reviews. The article in question had wide acceptance, and we are proud to be part and say that the future annual appointments PCGameTrek with stories like The Best of the Year, the most anticipated of the next and the year in trailers.

With 2010 in Reviews The idea is the same, seeking to review PC games for the year ended, collecting the 7 largest analysis of the year, increasing by two to those selected in 2009 as the highest pitch count this season . And we stress one more year of “the most important reviews, because in our eagerness to part with tradition, we decided to choose them not for their high scores, you can already see from the tab” For Rating “on the tops of page-but for its importance in terms of popularity, controversy or prominence.

So in the new year top of insurance that you will miss a game so well known and extraordinary as Bayonetta, Alan Wake, FIFA 11, Bioshock 2 Vanquish or among many others that have marked the development of the year. But choose only twelve titles is always difficult, and not all belong in a top, although the quality of the proposals we have mentioned as absent is undisputed and, in many cases, much higher than some who are present.

1) MASS EFFECT 2 PC Game Review

“The most epic journey”
The year started strong with the launch of Mass Effect 2, which has been consolidated as the best role-playing game of 2010. BioWare’s title was the first challenge of readers and writers of a season that boasted unusually agitated, and fortunately did not disappoint anyone, as his own adventure of Commander Shepard.

Magazine and fans would agree on an outstanding value to the sequel, although very close distances between analysis and reanalysis of the away version is more compatible with the Xbox 360 edition. The reasons were not entirely clear, since it was obvious that PC title round was much more technologically, but the score would be widely criticized for innovation in both platforms. Without substantial changes over the original, the only things that helped the title to get the 6 in that section of the magazine were some specific areas, for example, import the sensational character, background information that was not received with the same acceptance all readers.

Our rating for Mass Effect 2 PC Game was:
Mass Effect 2 is a great legacy of Western RPG for the Xbox 360 that teaches, as its first part, the way forward for the genre. Great story, great gameplay, campaign very respectable size and great balance between the shooter and role-playing side are the main hallmarks. A game that should unite with their quality fans instead of dividing them into sterile console wars, and that strengthens the saga to which he belongs as one of the most brilliant role in the recent past.

2) SUPER MARIO 2010 PC Games

“Beyond the Stars”
The second highest rated game in history was the essential PCGameTrek Super Mario Galaxy 2, and not only launched the same year that Red Dead Redemption but did so in a narrow margin of just two weeks. The anticipation surrounding the game was huge after the phenomenal level of its predecessor and the wonderful feedback we had left the Impressions Playable different to those we had had access, but few were confident that the title reached a similar level of quality. Both the review of the magazine as those of the critics agreed on to praise the new Mario adventure as one of the best films they had seen the light at the Next-Gen.

Unfortunately there was also a negative side to the text, and is one of the most criticized aspects of the review of Super Mario Galaxy 2 was that in their numerical assessment coincided with Dead Red Note Redemption, released just days earlier. Logically and Nintendo had Mario and guilt of having been put up for sale so close to the Rockstar game, and if in writing also thought it deserved a 9.9 could not deprive the company’s jewel to cherish Japan only by fear of “what people say, and the possible creation of a theory of compensation of course take shape soon. The score of the game was the best we estimated then, and continue to be if the analysis is drawn up now.

Our rating Super Mario Galaxy 2 was:
Nintendo Mario Galaxy expands with a title that reinvents the platform but it the perfect to create the best PC game genre that has given this industry to date. With its variety of situations, its innovative design and their new playable levels, coupled with the polishing of the game mechanics seen in its predecessor, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the height of Kyoto as creators of PC games, the platforms almost perfect, and probably one of the best electronic works in recent times.

“Master and Commander”
Launched in July disconcerting, StarCraft II became one of the biggest challenges for the gaming industry. The recovery of a franchise with proven veteran with a new title seemed risky for certain sectors of the press, but considering how little has changed the RTS genre since its first release, its success seemed not far-fetched. Finally get a deserved outstanding title by the entire press, with a rating of 9.5 on PCGameTrek, close to the 9.3 that atesoraría the game on Metacritic.

The memorable RTS from Blizzard would be one of the few titles that would agree to press and fans, a plus for the program to be granted exclusively to those responsible, since we could deliver exactly what they promised. With new elements without major changes, with a graphic section with no fuss but fairly good and the objective served to entertain for hours and hours to their buyers, the California company met the hype.

Our rating of StarCraft II was:
Outperform a classic is a very, very difficult. No beating around the bush: Blizzard has. And is that Wings of Liberty remains intact spirit and charm that overestimated StarCraft to the top again become again, 12 years later, in one of the main references of the genre. Could not be more traditional, the battles that show the impressive multiplayer section that counts and recounts the fascinating history are just some of the elements that will keep our teams, and certainly in the millions of users more around the world, for a long time.

4) HALO: REACH Combat Evolved
“UNSC vs. Covenant: The Final Battle”
The year 2010 was chosen by Microsoft to launch one of his high hopes, Halo: Reach, and as such could not miss your appointment with one of the year’s most anticipated reviews. The game amply fulfilled the expectations, establishing itself as a title that stood in terms of quality even memorable Halo 3, protected on the strengths of a number of key elements as a cooperative epic, a massive multiplayer campaign and provided with a breakneck pace .

The analysis of a unique game is always a tricky business, mainly because usually raise suspicions that this type of security, but when you hold the record deliveries bright line with a new episode, not very innovative but extremely ambitious, it is difficult cause disappointment among press and fans. How could it be otherwise met expectations Bungie and Halo gelled with Reach another legend.

Our rating Halo: Reach Combat Evolved was:
Rarely can find a game as complete as one of the Halo series in terms of content and balance between all parties. Great campaign, one memorable multiplayer outstanding technical and artistic points are its main features. Can it be improved? Logically yes, he admits room for improvement, but we can in many ways be considered the final Halo generation, and any fan of shooters will be disappointed with its extraordinary quality and abundance of possibilities.

“Sugar in Gasoline”
The exciting progress made by the Pro Evolution Soccer series with delivery by 2010, unfortunately, would not be supported by a similar development in the next chapter in the saga, something we retrotraía without any doubt one of the worst and most recent episodes of sports saga. With a clear line to be maintained for PES 2011 established by his predecessor, Seabass and Co. prefer instead to switch back through the prism of the franchise completely, doing one of the most painful steps behind the IP in recent years and generating one of the most controversial PCGameTrek analysis.

Note that in the special last year and chose to include Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 as representative of the sports games in particular the 2009 in Reviews detriment of FIFA 10, and this time repeat. The reasons are again related to the enormous popularity of Konami PC game in our country, and also with the fact that the franchise from EA Sports already has marked its path with rigidity and not out of it. PES, however, do not just find your site, and this is one of the most controversial aspects of its delivery Next-Gen. And is that any PC game today just expected to have a review with a great deal of controversy, but the Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 was one that took the palm of the year ending. The finding of deficient IA, by an imprecise and, in particular, underscore the fact that the game was halfway between simulation and arcade were some of the pillars of its review.

Our rating Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 was as follows:
Sad to see how much it costs to raise the head by a saga that once all football fans so passionate. Pro Evolution Soccer series has become an erratic back and forth of ideas not just materialize in any game, and only generated a devastating swing of it and never know what to expect. PES 2011, like all “Pro” is funny at times and really fun to enjoy with friends, but it is a disjointed jumble of ideas in which costs very much feel comfortable: A disheartening step backward for the franchise.

“Some guys were born to wave the flag”
One of the most anticipated annual events between writing and fans is the release of each new installment of Call of Duty. Loved by some, reviled by others … Activision franchise has paid some amount of controversy very controversial decision by its leaders regarding the prices of their products, especially with regard to downloadable content. However, when analyzing a title of this kind the analysis should be excluded from any consideration of this kind, and judged for what it is, Black Ops is a great military shooter.

Prior to the launch of the title’s popularity was huge, and showed that the overwhelming numbers of Modern Warfare 2 in terms of user input in the review, many images / videos in the galleries and news in the database, one would pale year before the real storm in the world of PC games is this saga, with a Black Ops bend practically all amounts of his predecessor in PCGameTrek. Away from the controversy generated by the analysis of Modern Warfare 2 in 2009, the seventh installment of the series of FPS was better received by readers, mainly by Treyarch aroused more sympathy among a group of amateurs, in antagonism to mutated and Infinity Ward.

Our rating Call of Duty: Black Ops was:
Black Ops is one of the best installments in the series Call of Duty, and completely discouraged an alleged theory of exhaustion of the franchise. The strongest IP next generation comes out again with a degree of quality and intensity formidable, with a great balance in all sections and with the usual levels of cinematic spectacle as the main claim. Treyarch punches on the table offering a great multiplayer and a brilliant effort to build a highly recommended purchase.

“Blood Brothers”
Almost seems to tradition, but lately not fail the delivery of Assassin’s Creed in stores ahead of Christmas, and all met with great quality and fun to the huge expectations that surround them, responding, “on the pitch” and no “through the microphone,” who was still bent on reviling the franchise with absurd controversy. In PCGameTrek, however, are not a weathervane which changes direction as the wind blows, and the first Assassin’s Creed seemed a memorable gem in 2007, despite its undoubted repetitive patterns, and still seems to us now. And is that the saga has been the true pioneer of the genre of adventure boom in recent years, and has always treated other times fun and elegance, while offering really innovative gameplay mechanics. This, to top it off, relying on a very powerful experience that will gradually consolidate a career in pursuit of excellence that makes the Sisterhood more complete delivery of the franchise.

Analysis of the Brotherhood launched on 16 November and harvested little protest. The delivery condition 2.5 of the sequel was denied in the text and also by the fans with the title already in hand, the article highlighted the strength of the story, the hectic pace of the campaign and the introduction of interesting multiplayer While not bring a particularly long life, it will be watched closely in the face to fix some of the pillars on-line franchise in the future. The game would get a well deserved 9.3 rating in the magazine, slightly below the rating of the readers in the hundreds of reanalysis which can be found in the magazine and slightly above the Metascore.

Our Assassin’s Creed 3 Reviews: The Brotherhood was:
The Brotherhood is a new triumph for the series Assassin’s Creed. The unquestionable quality of the franchise is bolstered here by a polished and playable unparalleled by the addition of some elements of interest such as multiplayer, designed to extend its life. A memorable game that should be present in the collection of any fan that keeps the IP as one of the most fit in the Next-Gen.



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