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Friday, May 6, 2011

Upon looking at our house during inspections, I was given this magazine article based on our home from Better Homes and Gardens in 1951. Let's just say this house was hot stuff then. Our house on Old North Main is the same home with a reversed floorplan. All the same rooms and areas to size though.

Exterior of home

This show photos of how the home "should" be designed on the interior. We are taking some ideas from the layout to use the space to it's utmost utility. Take a look at that hip fireplace. Same one! I really think the same furniture in the magazine is still present in the home.
You can see the movable wall in some of these arial views... that is first on our list of house work to do. Rejuvinate that wall and get it moving smoothly again. I wish that Noguchi coffee table was still in the house!!!

Here is the floorplan- we only have one bathroom but could easily add on the second off the master bedroom. Well, I say easily, haha.

This is what they think the outside should represent... just add a puppy and I think it's perfect!!!!


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