Extinct Human Ancestors in Asia

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The theory of human evolution has recently countered after scientists found evidence that the ancestors of modern humans may become extinct much earlier than originally expected. Homo Erectus referred to as a direct ancestor of Homo sapiens. Homo erectus migrated out of Africa approximately 1.8 million years ago. Then approximately 500 thousand years ago they disappeared from Asia and the majority of the Asian region, some able to survive in Indonesia to 35 thousand years ago. Recent research has refuted the notion and said that Homo erectus became extinct long before the emergence of Homo sapiens in Asia. Excavation as well as the latest analysis indicates that Homo erectus became extinct at least 143 thousand years ago, and probably more than 550 thousand years ago. Clearly, this study challenged the hypothesis of 'Out of Africa' which argues that before modern humans evolved in Africa, before migrating to other continents. The study predicts a period between Homo Sapiens with other species that they replace outside the African region. Evidence of the persistence of Homo erectus in Indonesia could be used as evidence to support this theory. (Okezone / dailymail)


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