Scientists Reveal Cell Phone Not Cause Cancer

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Contrary to the claims of the World Health Organization (WHO) some time ago, a number of independent panel of scientists actually found new evidence indicating that the phone actually does not cause cancer. "Despite lingering doubts, some new evidence that was collected just refuted the hypothesis that cell phone use can cause brain tumors among adults, "they wrote in Environmental Health Perspectives quoted Total Telecom, Tuesday (05/07/2011). The conclusion that following the publication of the analysis of the International Agency for Cancer Research that examines the effects Interphones against 13 countries. "The results of the Interphone studies and epidemiological studies, biological and other animal studies, as well as cases of brain tumors revealed that the use of mobile phones in the first 10 to 15 years are not directly associated with an increased risk of brain tumors in adults," clear Anthony Swerdlow of the Institute of Cancer Research UK. Nevertheless, Swerdlow warned that "the possibility of short-and long-term effects can not be eliminated just like that". According to Swerdlow, further studies on cancer risk level for the next few years will determine whether the phone has become one of the causes of brain tumors. "If there were no apparent effect until several years into the future, even though the phone has entered almost all Western countries, increasingly clear that no causal link between mobile phones with brain tumors, "he said. "Conversely, if there is a trend (increase in tumor disease) which can not be explained, the public must get answers to this," said Swerdlow.


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