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Friday, July 29, 2011

Did you know the longest and longest YouTube video ever uploaded? This video lasts 571 hours, one minute and 41 seconds or the equivalent of 23 days 19 hours. Like what? This video is the work of Jonathan Harchick (22). This video contains images of its journey to Chile two years ago. Harchick an iPhone application designer in Pittsburgh, and more on the technical achievements rather than artistic. For me, the challenge lies in the compression. Uploading a video for this on YouTube takes a lot of compression because this site gives a limit of 20GB video, he said. This man also has a site,, which he describes as a web TV network. Through the site, Harchick 17 thousand videos have been uploaded. At the beginning of the video was uploaded last week, Harchick received 36 thousand visits a page. Some people bertaka wow when I saw this video while others argue this video is the stupidest video ever, he told the HuffPost. According to the web developer Joe Peacock, which makes it challenging is to watch this video, even Harchick can not do it. I am sure after watching this whole video, this video will change your life, certainly in a way that is not good, he concluded. (Here) Here's the video .


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