12 People Fired Because of chirping on Twitter

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Twitter is now a highly influential social media. You may like it or not, but some people are not aware of the power and influence of Twitter is so large. With 140 characters, and once a game, you chirp about anything can be read by millions of people. Well, sometimes when we are too excited or too upset to write something that is not appropriate on Twitter. This is the case against 12 people, after they lost their jobs twittering. Lessons learned from them and think twice before you chirp. The following 12 people.

1. Connor Riley

Connor Riley got a job offer from Cisco. On Twitter he wrote: "Cisco offered me a job! Now I have to spend a big salary to go to San Jose and hating the work." Some time after he sang, he got a reply from Cisco employees, Tim Levad: "Who is the manager who offered you?" I'm sure they'll be glad to know that you really hate the job. "
2. Nir Rosen

Nir Rosen is a professor of law at New York University. Until one day he was singing on Twitter about cases of sexual violence Lara Logan, a journalist who was covering the Egyptian crisis. Nir Rosen chirp is considered offensive, and inappropriate play. He apologized and quit his job the next day.
Third Gilbert Gottfried

Gillbert Comedian Gottfried fired as the voice of the Japanese insurance company, Aflac. He fired mocked events in ts unami Twitter account. He said, "Japan is advanced. They are not to the beach but the beach who came to them." After he wrote a tweet that Gottfried was fired.
4. Nicole Crowther

The actress was fired 21 years of Glee, the most famous musical moment. Through Twitter account, Crowther divulge some of the plot in the episode Glee to come. Glee producer Brad Falchuk immediately responded: "I hope you have other qualifications outside work in the art world role."
5th Scott Bartosiewicz

He is a consultant and social media experts in a company's new media strategy. Whether unconsciously or deliberately, he wrote "Ironically, Detroit is a city car but no one understands how to drive a car." Well, the problem he writes in the accounts Twitter Chrysler, companies that hire the services of a strategy where Scott works. Scott was immediately fired and Chrysler also cut contract with New Media Strategies, the company where Scott works.
6. Damian Goddard

Sports broadcast announcer Damian Goddard fired for writing his personal opinion about same-sex marriage. The problem is that he writes about hockey player Todd Reynolds. Agent Todd protest to the place of work Damian, and Damian responded by firing.
7. Gabriella Pasqualotto

Gabriella is a cheerleader or cheerleader for one of the India cricket team in the league. He leaked the behavior of the cricket players to cheerleaders and it's uncomfortable. Gabriella finally fired kicauannya.
8. Rashard Mendenhall

American football players from the Steelers club is writing about the death of Osama Bin Laden. "How can people celebrate death? It's amazing that people could hate him but we never heard him speak. We just heard from one side .." he wrote. Club Mendenhall is processing the case and the possibility she was fired.
9. Octavia Nasr

Senior Editor Octavia Nasr CNN fired for twittering about her respect for Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah. While the AP news agency said Fadlallah is antiAmerika and related some of the bombings that killed 260 Americans. He apologized but there was no mercy for him.
10. Jon-Barett Ingels

Jane Adams, an actress in film Hung forgot to pay the bill at the restaurant. Servant, Jon-Barrett Ingels and twittering on Twitter. The next day Ingels agents come and settle the bill. But Ingels again menuli s on Twitter that Jane did not give him a tip. A month later Adams himself came and gave Ingels tip, after which he complained to management and Ingels was fired.
11. Catherine Deveny

Australian comedy lost his job as a columnist for The Age after writing the joke on his Twitter account that is not appropriate. He wrote a joke to advise children to love Steve Irwin. Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin is famous on the screen. He died in 2006 after being bitten by a stingray.
12. Mike Bacsik

Former American baseball league pitcher, Mike Bacsik lost his job as a radio producer. He was singing when he was drunk and write racist comments.

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