Codex Alimentarius and Zionism Covert Agenda

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oleh: Ten Alexander

Is the Codex Alimentarius, which is a program of tens or even hundreds of programs contained in the agenda 21 Zionism, or commonly known as the "New World Order" or "New World Order" under the control of the International Jewish Zionism. This program is one tool for achieving greater Zionism program again, which is to reduce world population on a large scale.

Codex Alimentarius is a UN program (in this case done by FAO and WHO) that proclaimed since 1963 and worked intensively in the early 21st century. The goal is to make the Codex Alimentarius food standards for the whole world.

Codex Alimentarius-Illuminati-logo

Illuminati logo and logo Codex Alimentarius (the yellow)

Hmmm ... looks like a normal course yes, especially that done by the UN that we taunya work for world peace. Though the United Nations and WHO itself was founded by the billionaire Rockefeller family , which is one of the leaders of Zionism's most influential Jews in the world today .
What are the design of the Codex Alimentarius?

  • Controlling nutrients in food

  • Regulate the use of chemicals in food

  • Me ngatur pesticides used for agriculture

  • Creating a new standard procedure in the system of food safety and hygiene

  • Regulate the bio-food technology (in this case genetically modified food sources)

  • Making food standard research procedures, etc..

With six points mentioned above already can we get the conclusion that all of our food system will be replaced according to their will. Here I will describe one by one:

1. Controlling nutrients in food


By controlling the nutrients in food, they will be able to reduce the number of proper nutrition which we can tkan. It reminds me in many cases of food packaging that is written that meets nutrition, but in fact it is far from the amount that should we get. This can cause various diseases ranging from nutritional deficiencies, immune system deficiencies, to a decrease of intelligence.

2. Regulate the use of chemicals in food


If we hear a lot of names such as Fluoride, Monosodium / Monoatrium Glutamate (MSG), aspartame, etc.. in our packaged foods, you should stay away! The contents of chemical compounds that are very harmful to our bodies. Diseases such as cancer, kidney disease, liver disease, and stroke are caused because mengk onsumsi the contents are.

Actually that's a lot of nutritionists and food denies the contents of the dangerous chemical, but do not know why WHO and FAO are always issued a statement that this content is not harmful. Zionist enterprises operating in the field even with the accidental mixing of food ingredients into their products. For more in-depth discussion on the dangers of Flouride, MSG, aspartame, synthetic food dyes, etc.. God willing, I will discuss on another occasion.

3. Regulate pesticides used for agriculture and animal husbandry


If we want to study the history of that first ancestor we have found a variety of techniques to repel or kill pests in ways that are environmentally friendly and does not contaminate crops, then we do not have to use harmful chemical pesticides for farming. But why at this time our farmers more dependent on pesticides harmful?

The answer may be due to genetic engineering of plant pests through the pesticide itself. The Zionist are doing a lot of research in agriculture. They took samples of pests in various agricultural and animal husbandry, for then they make pesticides that last only a moment to repel pests. Not only that, they also mix toxic substances that can poison crops, even poison the Dapa t stand up to get into the body of anyone who ate it. Of course other than humans contaminated with the toxin, the animals that eat them will also be contaminated, which will also be eaten human flesh.

Pesticides also cause water and contaminated soil in the surrounding part, and toxins that can survive in a very long period of time.

4. Creating a new standard procedure in the system of food safety and hygiene


This is closely connected with the points above. With great authority outside b iasa to be able to set standards of food safety and hygiene systems, they will be able to label hazardous foods should be harmless.

In addition they will also be able to control the content of what are the procedures that do not need to be displayed in the composition of food labels, but there is in these foods. This is what would be very detrimental to Muslims and Jews are forbidden to consume pork and very alcohol with any small content.

Standards of food hygiene can also lead to contaminated food will be allowed for human consumption.

5. Regulate the bio-food technology (in this case genetically modified food sources)


Many scientists are geneticists who refused to manipulate the source of food, whether vegetable or animal sources. The reason only one, that it's very dangerous to humans or animals that consume it, and already many studies that prove the dangers of it. Why is it dangerous? Because DNA is engineered plants and animals that have deviated from the standard genetic God has set. Basically, God has created everything in this world according to size, and it applies until the world ends.

Y ang everything God created is in accordance with the Standards of Creation by God.

"Verily We created everything according to size." (Surat al-Qamar 54:49)

Various kinds of creatures (plants and animals) God has created in a certain size based on the forms, benefits, and DNA.

"And we have made ​​for you on earth, life needs , and (We created also) the creatures that ye are not a provision to the provider. And there is not a thing but with Us are treasures and we are not revealed unless the certain size . " (Surah Al-Hijr 15:20-21)

Satan was the one who whispered to the man to manipulate the genetics of animals.

"God cursed Satan who said:" I am really going to take of Thy servants a portion that has been determined (for me), and I'm really going to mislead them, and will generate an empty delusion on them and sent them (cut off the ears of cattle), and they really cut it, and I will order them (changing God's creation), then they actually change it. "Anyone who makes demons into protectors other than Allah, then indeed he suffers losses real. (Surat an Nisaat4 :118-119)

Based on the third verse of the Quran in the above it becomes clear that genetic engineering for human purposes is contrary to God's law.

6. Making food standard research procedures


Standard procedures of food research is the core of all points Codex Alimentarius, where they are free to determine what are allowed to get into our food to be absorbed then our body. Not only nutrition, but also toxins contained therein. Research impressed covered up under the pretext of security standards to be a shield for them to achieve the goal of reducing the world population.

Research foods that they really mean is not limited to research the nutritional content of food, but also the scenario of seeding since until it locks into our body tissues. How food is engineered so that seeds can grow to harmful content, grew up with fertilizer / feed dangerous, harvested with a dangerous method, packed with hazardous packaging, until we ate it with no sense of the dangers that lurk.
Arise O mankind!


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