NASA Denies Existence of UFO

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Alien conspiracy theorists re-use images from the NASA space agency to prove it was a cover-up regarding UFOs. How?
This time, the 'weapon' used by the experts is video footage of existing telescopes on the spacecraft that NASA's STEREO-B is being 'parked' on the side of the sun which gives a 360 degrees in the inner solar system.
This video shows Venus, Earth and an object triangle that leads to Earth. "Compare them with a planetary object ever seen a telescope, the object is very large," said YouTube users 'BeePeeOilDisaster' comment on the video that was recorded on December 27 to 29 years ago.
News 'errata' from NASA then quickly emerged thereafter. A few days later, NASA scientists STEREO update the site with more recent images. This is not the first time u pembur aliens found what is believed to be UFOs.
"Peculiar feature in this video is Venus who enter the field of view of the lower left," said NASA scientists as 'rectify' the video was quoted as saying by FoxNews .
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