Prediction of Human version of Stephen Hawking Loss

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

British physicist Stephen Hawking celebrates its 70th birthday, Sunday, January 8, 2012. At a more advanced age, repeat Hawking predicted extinction of humanity if it continues to inhabit only one planet alone. Physicists this controversial when it was time to give an ultimatum man's search for another alternative dwelling. That is, people should be able mengkolonialisasi space. Thus the chance of extinction of the human race will be smaller. It was stated in an interview with a radio and reported by Yahoo News , Monday (9 / 1). Mentioned also by Hawking there are few events that make humans extinct, including nuclear war and climate change. This statement is also supported by a magazine article in Discovery about a possible global pandemic disease or even a meteor attack that could result in death of man on Earth. Another article in The New Scientist also said there was a chance occurrence of lethal radiation from stars explosion close to Earth. Not just a natural occurrence, but the collapse of the economic conditions could undermine human civilization and causing the death of millions of people. According to the late writer Arthur C. Clarke, is berbahanya if the whole human being 'put their eggs in one basket.' And with the conquering outer space, people started to save his race from extinction. Celestial bodies beginning to be conquered is the Moon and Mars.


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