Monday, January 2, 2012

"49 DAYS"

This drama tells the story of a young woman named Ji who was enjoying the happiness that will soon be married to her fiance, but a perfect life is destroyed because of an automobile accident that caused the coma. He was given a second chance in life by an angel executioners (???), which emphasizes a transaction with the approval to borrow another person's body, Yi Kyung. And in this condition he should get three people who had ncintainya and willing to cry for her, unless of course this family (haha.. Weird) and he will come back alive when one has done this ( crying ) for him. And the deal is given within 49 days.
Do Ji-hyun able to find three people willing to cry for her and will live again? We wait aja
Detailed Synopsis:
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Lee Yo Won as Song Kyung Yi
Yi Kyung is a woman who worked part time at a shop, which is the women who choose to borrow his body. He did not have a purpose in life before, he was always depressed and benyak think about his life. Will he have the spirit of others, and affect the way hidupanya?
Jo Hyun Jae as Han Kang 49 days
Han Kang Ji is a childhood friend Huyn, who is also her first love. He was a loner, and cold. He lost both parents as a child and grew up alone with no family affection. He has a very complex relationship with Yi Kyung (own) and when the spirit entered Yi Kyung Ji Hyun. Will Shin Ji Hyun who are in the body can make Song Yi Han Kang Kyung cry for this childhood friend?
Nam Gyu Ri as Shin Ji Hyun

A woman who came from wealthy kelurga, and life becomes more perfect as he will marry his fiancee. But a week before getting married, he had an accident that made him a coma. Then he met the angel executioners (???) that give the opportunity to live again, if he can find someone yangbersedia rib t cry for her. And the condition was that he had to borrow another person's body and the time given is 49 days.
Jung Il Woo as Song Yi Soo
Song Soo Yi is an angel executioners (???). he is the man responsible for guiding the souls of the dead (ckckck ...). He is a quiet seoarang and impulsive. He is also an honest and very curious and interested in the world around him.
So Bae Ho Bin as Kang Min 49 DAYS
Kang Min-Ho Shin Ji Hyun is the fiancee. He is a graduate of Seoul National University, with an MBA from the USA. He has a childlike nature, but he has another face, and reasonable provisions to achieve success, which is where his heart is cold manutupi with warm smiles. could be said that Ka ng Min Ho is a crafty.
Seo Ji Hye as Shin Eun Jung

Shin Eun Jung Ji Hyun is the best friend, he worked at the company Ji Hyun's father. She was an intelligent woman, but a loner. He was also an educated person, a strong career woman who would love to achieve his desire to use ( willing to do anything for a wish ). He was an ambitious and unscrupulous, and looking at something with social class, he also betrayed his friend.

Other Cast:
Bae Rin Geu
Kang Sung Min

49 Days began filming on 31 January, and will replace the drama 'Sign '. 49 Days is a drama by Jo Hyun Jae first after completing wamilnya. 49 Days is the third meeting between Jo Young and So Kwang Hyun Kyung, after working together in a drama Billiant Legacy and Prosecutor Princess.


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