Genius Wireless Keyboard Presents Anti-Air

Saturday, August 20, 2011

An innovation not only required to come from the computer, but also of supporting accessories. Including a keyboard device which is also urged to look unusual. This is why try to offer accessories from Taiwan manufacturers by offering a wireless keyboard Kye Genius SlimStar 800. Keyboard 2.4 GHz wireless combo it has the advantage of water-resistant than similar devices. As a result, when water or coffee flushed, the user need not alarmed if the device is faulty because it has a high density to block the water coming.

Indeed, in terms of appearance, SlimStar 800 did not have a fantastic shape, even arguably simpler. But the ability, he can offer 2.4 GHz and the transmission distance that is claimed to further work. In addition, the description of Genius, on Friday (08/19/2011), there is a wireless mouse 1200dpi as a complement to further facilitate the user in the use of the device costing USD 29 , 9 this. (Seconds)


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