Windows XP Still Loved, Even Start Deprecated

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Although still a Windows operating system most widely used, users of Windows XP becoming obsolete after the 'power' for approximately 10 years. Based on the latest data issued by Net Applications, market share of the OS XP ​​is now below 50 percent. According to Net Applications, XP's market share continued to erode during the last few years. Last year, XP still achieve 62 percent market share. But in July 2011, that number has shrunk to 51 percent. At the same time, the latest version of Windows, Windows 7 is controlled almost 28 percent of the OS market compared to other operating systems, including Mac OS X and Apple's IOS. But this figure is quite satisfactory considering the new Windows 7 released in October 2009. Meanwhile, the market share of Windows Vista continue to decline every month and is now only recorded in the 9 percent. Nevertheless, the overall Windows still dominates the global OS market with 87 percent figure. The decline in market share of Windows XP can be associated with Microsoft's plan to end the life cycle of Windows XP in 2014. To that end, Microsoft is working hard to encourage Windows XP users, both individuals and businesses, the switch to Windows 7 that claimed five times more secure than XP. But the migration from Windows XP to Windows 7 is considered a huge waste of time, especially by businessmen. Tools issued by Microsoft such as Windows Easy Transfer was considered not enough to make the migration process was effective. No doubt, a survey of a number of IT workers said that they intend to continue to use XP even if Microsoft stopped all updates for Windows XP in 2014. (CNet / Okezone)


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