Microsoft & Apple accessary Drop Android?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Various lawsuits hit Android, such as Apple, Oracle and Microsoft. Google Android as the maker also accused his rival and allied deliberately exploit the patent issues to hinder the progress of Android. Chief Legal Officer of Google, David Drummond, accusing them take advantage of the patent which is still questionable. In a blog post titled " When patents attack Android ", David declared successful Android trigger rivals unite and make an organized campaign against it. 's rivals is to strengthen ourselves by buying more patents to stop Google.

This is related to the failure of Google buying the patent belongs to Novell and Nortel, which is partly related to the smart phone technology. Patents are finally falling into the hands of a consortium, which includes Microsoft, Apple and Research In Motion (RIM). Google felt that the patent will be used to attack them. "Patents are meant to encourage innovation, but later even used as a weapon to stop innovation," wrote David. "A smartphone may involve about 250 thousand patent claims that most of the questionable, our competitors want to attract 'tax' of dubious patents to make Android devices more expensive.

They want to sell Android device complicates manufacture, "he added. "Microsoft and Apple usually attack each other, when they were together, you wonder what happened," Allegations Google is getting a reaction from Microsoft lawyer, Brad Smith. They expressed true that Microsoft is taking Google joins consortium to buy the patent Nortell. But Google refused. On the other hand, patent experts, Florian Mueller stated that the blog posts expressing frustration Google. In fact, Google was just a little to control patents on mobile technology sector so that they are somewhat vulnerable position.

Android was recently invaded by a variety of lawsuits, there's even a manufacturer has to pay patent licensing. As HTC are admitted to paying about $ 10 on Microsoft's per Android phones sold. HTC also is facing a lawsuit from Apple. On the other hand, Oracle is currently suing Google Android related to allegations of copyright infringement in the Java programming language. (Seconds)


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