Getting hard to Work? Maybe Facebook Causes

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Today, some companies often observe the behavior of the candidates on social networking sites like Facebook. Well , if carelessly in using Facebook, it is not possible for a man difficult to find a job.

 In the United States, there are even called Social Intelligence Corporation consultant who helps companies oversee the activities of candidate workers in the social website.

It is quite possible the company in the country began to also keep an eye on prospective employees on Facebook to help sort out which is best. Maybe there's no harm to be careful to use Facebook to get the work reinforce opportunities, especially for the status of job seekers. Here are five things to avoid when using Facebook because if the company is known, could make prospective applicants are rejected:

1. Regarding post your ugliness Each person has a thing or a bad habit. The best thing is to keep it shut. If diumbar on Facebook, for example, put the photos while intoxicated or show just how dirty your room, the company may assess you as semborono and reject you.

2. Status or Comment Annoying and Not Important If you often write a comment or an interrupt status and not important, the company will probably treat you as a person who likes to waste time and make a riot. Especially if it contains profanity, your dream will direct the company ilfil if you know it.  

3. Talking about the ugliness Former Boss / Company Discuss the boss or the company where your previous work clearly is fine. But if the talks themed corporate evil or incompetent ex-boss, your image will be directly ngedrop . Moreover, if to divulge the secret. Quite simply, the company you are applying a similar incident would not happen to them.

4. Got Many Friends Online Negative If the wall is full with strange post or profanity from friends, may you be with them. Moreover, if to contain nasty things.

5. Always Posting The Negative status or your comments are always negative, rarely or not positive though. You do not even talk about accomplishments, education or skills you have. This could have an impact on menyurutnya interest in the company to hire you. (Seconds / PCMag)


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