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Saturday, August 6, 2011

unique city under UNESCO's world, sometimes the history of a city older than the history of his country. That's where a city unique. Starting from the meeting between man and another man, doing the activity, either to trade, interact, a family, to form a community. Then formed a town.
The following facts are a unique form of human social interaction, which is not only a certain number of people gathered and activities, but also raises a number of unique identity that we should consider:
1. Cities with the Largest
Cities with the largest falls on the city of Mount Isa is located in northwest Queensland, Australia. The extent of nearly 41 thousand square kilometers with a highway town along the 189 km, which is the longest urban motorway in the world.
2. The smallest city in the world
Both in terms of city size and population? That Hum city located in Croatia with a population of only 23 people. The old city was founded in 1102 formerly known Cholm, which still has the architecture of the building in the medieval era.
3. The city's oldest and youngest city in the world
Believe it or not that the city's oldest and youngest cities in the area of ​​the same area? The proof is the oldest city in the world is the city of Jericho (in Arabic called Ariha) to be aged more than 10 thousand years.
While the youngest city in the world fell on the city of Tel Aviv, aged about 80 years. And the two cities are in the middle east region is constantly churning.
4. Cities With Highest Mainland inword
cities located on the highest land held by the city of Potosi in Bolivia, which has a height of about 4100 meters (13,500 feet) above sea level! The city is also defined as a UNESCO world heritage to be protected. Aside from being the world's oldest city, Jericho is also regarded as the city with the lowest land in the world. The city is located 260 meters (853 feet) below sea level!
5. City of the world's tallest
Hong Kong is a city with the nickname of 'tallest' in the world, because it has about more than 7,500 skyscrapers, more than a building 'sky scrapers' who owned the city of New York.
6. The first city population 1 million people
Did you know that the first city population of 1 million people was Rome, Italy, in 133 BC? The population in London England, reached 1 million in 1810, and New York City, New York in the U.S. to achieve in 1875. Today there are more than 300 cities in the world with a population of more than 1 million people
And the most recent is the most unique ... .... That is our own city of Jakarta.
7. Most Frequently Taxable City Flood world ...., Hahahaha


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