Disappointing Attendance 3D movie?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Although ticket prices are more expensive, three-dimensional movies may not give satisfaction as to what the audience expected.
People who watch a 3D movie did not experience a more intense emotional reaction or feeling "on location" greater than those who watched the film two-dimensional. A study showed that the 3D version also does not help you remember the movie better than the 2D version.
3D film actually has a risk no fun for the audience. Compared with filmgoers 2D, 3D movie goers have chance to triple the eye fatigue, dizziness, or trouble with his eyesight.
The study's researchers said some people may choose to watch 3D movies because they like the film for other reasons, such as special effects are great. "But you will increase the chances to experience something uncomfortable," said L. Mark Carrier, a researcher from California State University at Dominguez Hills, who studied the influence of technology on psychological processes.
"Consumers should know they will not receive a benefit in understanding the film better or make it more meaningful film," said Carrier.
Carrier and his team asked for the opinion of 400 people who watched the movie Alice in Wonderland, Clash of the Titans, or How to Train Your Dragon, whether 2D or 3D versions. The audience is asked to gauge how realistic the film as well as the experience of emotions and sensations they feel.
The survey showed none of the group who remember the movie better than the others. It shows that the 3D movie audiences do not experience feelings of "drowned" in the film world, nor does it concentrate more on the film or experience emotions more deeply.
Previous 3D movie or a virtual world is considered to encourage learning ability and memory. One hypothesis states that the 3D environment is more attractive, especially for children, and this interest effect on the increased interest and motivation to learn.
Some companies are already trying to build a virtual environment that encourages the use of a tool for education.
"But the 3D does not seem to strengthen the memory at all," said Carrier. "It's unfortunate implications." (Tempo)


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