Tron-style motorcycle for sale $51.000.000

Monday, September 5, 2011

If you have a EUR 33 thousand (U.S. $ 461 million), this super bike you can have. Motor stunning in Tron: Legacy is successfully replicated and has now been sold. In the film, this bike is made of CGI and graphic art computer-controlled programs and gamers. The real version of this bike is made Parker Brothers Choppers. This motor is 2.5 meter with a width of 55.9 inches and weighing 215 kilograms was quoted as saying Dailymail.
This stunning motor capable of driving at speeds 193km/jam. Motor-coated iron frame with glass fibers makes the rider lying almost horizontally as in the movie. This motor uses the machine full-injected four-stroke 996cc Suzuki.
This motor is available and can be purchased online from Hammacher Schlemmer .
Trish Hammond spokesman said, "This motor is made in such a way that every aspect of this motor is identical to the motor is in the movie."
Here's the video


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