Parody of the Nobel Prize for Research "Absurd"

Friday, September 30, 2011

A number of scientists the world will gather in the event of Ig Nobel Prizes to-21 at Harvard University, USA. The annual awards, initiated a scientific humor magazine Annals of Improbable Research , can be called as a parody of the Nobel Prize. However, in contrast to the Nobel Prize is considered more prestigious and high prestige value, Ig Nobel Prize was held as a tribute to the scientists who keep doing research on object investigated. Nobel Prize as if insinuating that only gives attention to research results that are beneficial to the world, Ig Nobel Prize importance on all of the research results. "Obviously not relevant to mention a study is good or bad, important or not important," said the originator of Ig Nobel Prize, Marcus Abraham, as quoted from the pages of Fox News

  "Some people even firmly oppose the view, 'the research is good for the world, and that it is not'. This is clearly different from other awards," continued Abraham. Ig Nobel Prize is usually awarded to scientists who research is often used as a laughingstock, but has significance in a scientific study. Because that's Ig Nobel Prize has a jargon: "to make people laugh, and then make people think." But given the award categories Ig Nobel Prize is not trivial.

This year alone, Ig Nobel Prize giving award for Physiology, Chemistry, Medical Sciences, Psychology, Literature, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Peace and Public Safety. You also must be smiling if you know the winner of this year's Ig Nobel Prize. For example, the Ig Nobel Peace Prize categories are given to the mayor of Vilnius, a city in Lithuania. In addressing the problem of illegal parking by luxury car, luxury car Zuokas run over by tanks. Maybe you laugh, especially if you see the video at this link. However, explaining Zuokas firmness was done on luxury car owners, as a symbol of that property can not be made they are above the law.


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