Again, Wreck Will Hit Earth Satellites

Thursday, September 29, 2011

VAnews - Last week, a satellite weighing 65 tons NASA has crashed in the Pacific region. Apparently, it's not the only satellite of junk that is ready menghujam Earth. It is estimated that, in November there will be another dead satellite will fall. According to the spokesman of the German Aerospace Center, an X-ray observation station space defunct diperkiakan will enter Earth's atmosphere at about the beginning of November. However, the precise moment of the satellite fragments arrive at the surface, is unknown. The satellite will fall it is RontgenSatellite (ROSAT), the satellite weighs 2.4 tons owned by the German Aerospace Center on June 1, 1990 diorbitkan ago. It orbits at an altitude angle 53 degrees north and south.

That is, if you managed to arrive on Earth, the fragments will be scattered in the vast region. Satellites monitored dead now, but when the certainty it will fall to the Earth can not be determined until at least 2 hours before he arrived at the ground. "It is impossible to predict accurate when the ROSAT will fall to Earth, "said Heiner Klinkrad, Head of the Space Debris Office, the European Space Agency, as quoted by UPI, 29 September 2011.

"This uncertainty will decrease the closer the satellite entered the atmosphere," he said. Even so, Klinkrad mention, that still might be done is to cross out a number of specific geographical regions on Earth from the list of areas that could potentially be affected by the satellite fractions. At least one day before the fall hit the satellite itself.


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