7 Reasons Causes of Yahoo CEO Fired

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Carol Bartz recently sacked as CEO of Yahoo. Of course there are various reasons why Carol is deemed no longer able to lead Yahoo. 1. Carol biggest mistake lies in her confidence is deemed too high that he misjudged the situation in his company and in the market. 2. He is experienced in various companies such as Autodesk. But his leadership style is considered obsolete, perhaps because of age of 60 years. Carol considered less visionary and unable to keep abreast of the times. 3. Carol took a long time to build effective teams to support it, about 18 months. He had to get the best talent around the end of last year, as Blake Irving in the product. This contributed to the stagnation Yahoo. 4. His salary is too large, earned approximately $ 60 million in his first two years as CEO of Yahoo. Some investors also questioned the appropriateness of fees given that Yahoo's as if the road in places. 5. Council leaders really believe in Jerry Yang, founder of Yahoo, when choosing Carol. In the future, they judged the best candidates have to choose your own Yahoo CEO. 6. The deal to merge Yahoo with Microsoft's search services judged to be going well. Yahoo Search since August 2010 in the U.S. quest didayai by Bing. Consequently, the search via Yahoo entered the market share of Bing. This is considered detrimental to Yahoo. 7. Investors are not pleased with the performance of Bartz. The company does not find new ways to create revenue, stabilize finances and attract top workers. (Seconds / Forbes)


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