Simply Unique: Pork Pie Wedding Cakes

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Traditional wedding cakes were replaced by many brides in the last few years with cupcake towers. If you perhaos want to opt for something different again and perhaps a little more 'British' and most certainly uniquw then why not have a pork pie wedding cake!

Sarah Pettegree, of Bray’s Cottage Pork Pies (, got the  idea for her cakes, which consist of hot-crust-pastry pies of increasing sizes, when she shared  an oven with a master baker who specialised in wedding cakes.

The largest tier, at 14in, takes nine hours to bake, and when all four are put together the cake holds 20kg of pork.

"We can fill the layers with our classic onion marmalade pork pie, or alternate with any of your favourites from our range: such as Chilli, Naked (traditional) or Wiveton (lemon, parsley and garlic).
We’ll deliver or send the pie and you can decorate it to match the theme for the rest of your flowers. We’d recommend adding aromatic herbs such as sprigs of parsley and rosemary to make it an aromatic foodie heaven" declare Perfect Pie.

Alternative decor, cakes and styles of centrepieces are becoming much more common and this idea can even double up as your evening buffet! This certainly is one idea to have your guests talking about it for months to come.


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