Australia invited Women to Join Fight

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ube - Women of Australia, who are interested in the army, acting as combat forces are allowed. This is thanks to government measures, which lifted restrictions for women in the military so they can be served on the front lines. According to the Ministry of Defence of Australia, told the news station CNN Wednesday, September 28, 2011, she was finally able to register as a Navy diver, the air defense and ground, as well as in the infantry, artillery, and armored units.

These new regulations will be phased in gradually in the next five years. The government insisted, the women will get equal treatment with their male counterparts in terms of performing the task. "I am delighted to hear this news. It could defend Australia in the forefront is something that I want to do all along," said Natalie Sambhi, a member of the Australian military. In the last month, known to many as 335 Australian women registered as members of international military operations.

As many as 10 percent of them served overseas. Despite serving in war zones, but soldiers are prohibited from joining the Australian woman attacker units and special units. Given the opportunity for women to serve in the front, Australia has become one of the few countries in the world to implement similar regulations. Previously, there have been Canada, Germany, South Korea, France, New Zealand, Denmark, and Israel.


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