Zuck Just Eat Meat sacrifices Himself

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

news - Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg implement a unique diet. Zuck will only eat animals who slaughter their own. If not, then Zuck will only eat vegetables. Zuck consider how this diet as a "personal challenge", which helps him to discipline himself. According to Zuck, he wants to be responsible for what he eats. In view of Zuckerberg, ethics espoused these same nutrients such as Buddhism and Locavorisme vegeteranisme style.

Zuck even write on Facebook wall about this diet that was followed, including when he was slaughtering a pig or a goat. Even when a presentation at the f8 conference in San Francisco last week, there is a picture in the timeline Zuck buffalo meat while cooking. What this means hunting the buffalo meat itself? "Yeah. bison that he killed himself," said one source close to the Zuck, as quoted from page Mashable . In addition, Fortune preach even if Zuckerberg has a license to hunt bison. The bison photos on display in the timeline is the result of prey. However, the source Mashable explains, Zuckerberg is not the bison hunt for pleasure or sport. Zuck did it as a form of accountability to what he eats. (Sj)


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